About Sierralan Networks

SierraLan Networking S.L. is one of the fast-growing independent IT Value-Added Wholesaler. We supply solutions for all categories of Information Technology products (Personal Computers, PC building blocks, software, networking, enterprise solution products) and telecommunication, Digital Lifestyle and Entertainment products.

We supply refurbished and renew hardware with the best market conditions. As your main IT wholesaler, we care about every little detail. Sierralan understands that very little detail can have the biggest impact on your company.

We believe that having a close relation is the ideal way of having success. That is why we do not speak of clients but of business partners. Our aim as your main IT wholesaler is advising you in our purchase, guide you through the process and to support you in the after-sale phase.

Sierralan has a team full of professionals that are always fully at your disposal. From our technical technicians, who are experienced for many years in the market and provide refurbished products of high quality, to our service point, that is always prepared to help you at any moment. As your main IT wholesaler, we look into every matter carefully.

As one of the biggest IT wholesalers in the market, we have the largest stock available for our distributors. In this way, we can meet the need of each of our partners. The product categories with which we work are:

Our relationship with industry-leading manufacturers helps to strengthen your position in the market and give you an extra edge on your competition. We are very focused on products that provide our distributors with added value and distinction within the market. That is why our focus as IT wholesaler is mainly on products from the world leading manufactures in the sector such as; Apple, Microsoft or HP.

Sierralan Networks is your main Wholesaler of refurbished or renew smartphones, laptops, tablets and other IT hardware.


Why buy refurbished hardware in Sierralan?

As one of the biggest IT distributors, we are always ready to serve you as well as possible. As your main IT distributor, we are able to maintain an available stock in high-end products demanded by the market for our distributors.

This stock helps us to give a quick response to all our distributors helping them to receive their orders at the correct time. In this way, we are always able to meet the needs of our distributors. In addition, our refurbished products offer the distributor margins much higher than the usual margins within the industry.

At Sierralan we want to make an impact in every way possible through our management. We are aware of the environment and the environmental footprint a company can leave behind. By refurbishing products, we believe that we are leaving a positive footprint behind.