One year of warranty for all refurbished and pre-owned products

Garantia de un año en productos reacondicionados de Sierralan
1. If you have found a fault during the warranty period, please let us know by email: Please explain what the problem is so that our maintenance/ support team can diagnose the problem.
2. You will receive the answer with the best solution within 48 hours. The options that we offer you:
– Repair the product as soon as possible
– If we can not repair the product, we will propose a change of product
– If the change is not possible, we offer you a superior model
3. This way, we will guarantee customer satisfaction.

Warranty on PC’s, laptops and Surfaces

Sierralan offers a 1-year of warranty for both refurbished as pre-owned products. The customer has the possibility to check the product within 14-days, starting from the day the customer has received it. If there is any fault, the customer should notice Sierralan Networks within these 14 days. The warranty covers the repair of any hardware failure starting from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover any type of SOFTWARE FAILURE.

All the products are repaired or replaced in our warehouse in Valencia – C/ Ciudad de Cartagena 23, 46988 Paterna, Valencia. The customer can either personally bring or send the product to our warehouse. We do not cover any type of transfer costs.

IMPORTANT: Batteries and power supplies of laptops are not covered by the warranty. These fall under the category of consumable goods and needs to be replaced after a certain period. Also valid for used products.
The guarantee will automatically be cancelled if any manipulation is carried out by personnel other than Sierralan. It will also cause the loss of the warranty to remove or manipulate any seal or adhesive on the PC or any of its components.

The following are expressly excluded from guarantee:

– Failures caused by improper use of the product
– Slow fluctuations of tension
– Falls and surges of short duration
– Change of frequency
– Faults caused by viruses or malfunction due to problems with the drivers, in general, all problems that are not due to a computer failure.

It is the responsibility of the client to protect the information on the hard disks of the computer device. The selling company is not responsible for the losses of information that could be caused. To avoid any damage, it is advisable to make backup copies beforehand.

Problems of software, drivers and/or viruses are not included in the warranty. The time that is invested in repairs of this type will be billed. Any computer that is deposited in the Technical Service and that after being reviewed does not present anomaly or defect will be billed for the used to revision the equipment.

For the repair of any breakdown, it is necessary to present the Purchase Invoice. The materials that are replaced in the process will be the property of the selling company.

Terms of warranty of mobile devices

All the mobile devices are included with 1-year of warranty starting from the day of purchase. The warranty of mobile phone batteries, being a consumable, is 6 months. In Sierralan we guarantee that our batteries are over 83% of their capacity at the day of the sale. The power button is not covered by the warranty since the main cause of this problem is poor quality covers.

Causes for which warranty is lost:
– Smartphone damaged by water or density
– Smartphone that suffered strong bumps and falls, with visible damage
– Broken screens
– Broken case
– Intervention (if you opened the smartphone)
– Damages due to the use of unofficial accessories
– We do not take care of the low software and hardware performance
– Repairs made by unauthorized technicians
– Changes of components and/ or frames for aesthetic reasons for unauthorized services

How to proceed to return a product?

Very simple, follow to following instructions; the client should send an email to and provide the following information:
1. Name and email address with which the purchase was made.
2. Number and date of invoice
3. Reason for the return
4. Bank account information, if purchased by bank transfer or credit card

we remain at your disposal for any further information you may need. You can contact us at the customer service telephone number: 961 169 982. Working hours:
– Monday till Thursday: 8.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
– Friday: 8.30 a.m. – 14.30 p.m.

Important!: Sierralan Networks covers the shipping costs to our facilities and back to the customer of the defective product in Spain Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

Sierralan Networks S.L, will not accept any return that does not meet the conditions outlined above.