Refurbished laptops in Sierralan

Comprar portatiles reacondicionados EN España
A fast and good working computer or laptop is something that we would all want to have, but buying a brand new one can lead to a lot of money. If you are trying to save on your next laptop or computer purchase, you may want to look at the reconditioned products as a first step. You can save money out of pocket as long as you choose for a refurbished laptop. The refurbished laptops are of high quality. Every laptop is checked for high standards of performance at each level of examination. The main advantage of buying a refurbished laptop is that the customer will get a branded, quality laptop of the latest model for a very cheap price compared to the retail price.

Refurbished laptops are categorized as used laptops which are repaired by manufactures or by an authorized third party. After a careful look at the faults of the laptop, the laptops will be reset to a good-working factory setting. The team in charge of the process consists of high-end professionals, that have a lot of experience in refurbishing devices. The laptops at Sierralan must follow several stages before the laptop is able to be sold.

When buying a refurbished laptop, you can get a computer with high specifications for a good price. Sierralan offers refurbished laptops that will fulfil your needs and meet your price-quality expectation.

Also buying a refurbished laptop would help the environment. In 2017 approximately 48 million metric ton has been wasted worldwide. From this waste, only approximately 20% have been recycled. This huge number of waste could have been reduced by simply refurbishing the products. Sierralan would like to work together, in a great company with you, for a better environment. By buying a refurbished laptop you work in an easy way for the improvement of the environmental.

Since refurbished laptops have many different features, it is important to consider which one may be most to you before making your purchase. When you buy a refurbished laptop, you must not forget to think about your warranty. You will have a warranty of a minimum guarantee of one-year at Sierralan, which offers confidence and a peace of mind when purchasing refurbished products. Sierralan has a warranty of 1 year, which covers the repair or replacement of a product with similar characteristics or the refund of the amount.

At Sierralan we have a large stock of refurbished laptops and surfaces from leading brands such as HPE, DELL, Microsoft and many more.

Here is an example of Sierralan refurbished laptops:

# HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Convertible Portable Tablet

Buy laptop HP Revolver 810 G3 refurbished

Included in the box:

  • HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Convertible Portable Tablet – 11.6 ″ – Core i7 5600U – 8 GB RAM – 256 GB SSD,
  • Operating system – Windows 10 Pro (optional),
  • Charger – Adapter,
  • Sierralan 1 year warranty.