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Buying a phone nowadays is not cheap and it surely will not get any cheaper, right? Sierralan offers refurbished smartphones that are just as new, for a great price.

Every smartphone of Sierralan is refurbished with an eye on detail. The smartphones are collected from official distributors and are then refurbished into smartphones, that we would like to call as good as new.  What is the main difference between a ”used smartphone” and refurbished smartphone from Sierralan? A ”used smartphone” is a smartphone that is been used but afterwards not have been tested or been returned to their original state. Any faults or issues will still be there.

Every refurbished smartphone of Sierralan is been tested for their problems and are then, individually, restored to a good working, factory-standard condition. When buying a refurbished smartphone from Sierralan, you can be sure that is been checked precisely to make sure that the smartphone works perfectly.

Refurbished phones, those that are been tested and reviewed correctly are becoming more popular among costumer.

Last year, in 2017, the global market for refurbished smartphones has experienced a rapid growth of 13%. This is in contrast with the global new smartphone market that grew with 3% last year. With this growth, refurbished smartphones are close to 10% of the global smartphone market. The growth of the market is due to the many benefits refurbished smartphone offers. Refurbished phones now account for approximately 1 out of every 10 mobile devices sold. This represents the fastest-growing segment in the smartphone market. Sierralan offers refurbished smartphones with the best price and quality ratio. The refurbished smartphones of Sierralan are considered as good as new. While refurbishing, Sierralan uses only top quality parts before selling them. The price is very appealing and also does every refurbished smartphone of Sierralan have a warranty of 1 year, which covers the repair or replacement of a product with similar characteristics or the refund of the amount.

Not only does refurbished smartphones of Sierralan offers you a benefit for yourself, but it also offers a benefit to the entire world. Instead of putting a smartphone away, Sierralan gives the smartphone a new chance by refurbishing it. Not only does Sierralan gives the smartphone a longer life cycle, but also does it reduce the amount of waste of thrown away mobiles.  Buying refurbished means less waste, what leads to an improved environmental footprint.

Sierralan consists of a team with high-end professionals, who are experienced in refurbishing devices for several years now.

The refurbished smartphones of Sierralan are terminals that have been repaired and reviewed by Sierralan’s own technicians, in its aesthetic condition as it were new. The refurbished smartphone can be sold with the original accessories or with compatible accessories, depending on the origin.

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Here is an example of Sierralan refurbished smartphones:

# Apple iPhone 7, 128GB refurbished

embalaje movil sierralan

Included in box:

  • Apple iPhone 7 with iOS 11
  • Lightning to USB connector cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Sim Card removal