Refurbished tablets in Sierralan

Buying a refurbished tablet is an excellent way to save money. The enduring and growing popularity of tablets and E-readers is a proof of the demand from the customers of tablets. We are often in a situation where we want to buy a model that we normally can not afford. The risk is always the same, whenever we buy a refurbished tablet or a new one since both carry the risk of having defective components. In some cases, users find that refurbished tablets are even more reliable than new ones since weak or defective components have been replaced and have been thoroughly tested.

Used products are not the same as refurbished products. Used products are products that are being used by someone and decided to sell the product afterwards. Just because an item was returned does not have to mean that is was damaged. Refurbished tablets are usually returned to a retailer or manufacturer due to a cosmetic or operational defect. In some cases, this may be something as small as a mark on the screen or a software error. Sometimes people even return the tablet because the packing is damaged. Often in other cases, it is simply because of the ”buyer remorse” that costumers have. This simply means that the customer regrets the decision of the product after they have bought it.  These tablets are being cleaned, reformatted and tested for resale. Sierralan has its own team that handles the full process. The team consists of professionals that have many experiences in refurbishing tablets and more products such as smartphones, computers and laptops.  During the process, the professionals look carefully at the fault of the products and then restore each tablet, individually, to a good-working factory setting device.

In addition, some refurbished tablets are marked as factory certified. This is very similar to the refurbishing of third parties and refers to the units that have been repaired, tested and certified by the manufacturer.

All of the refurbished tablets of Sierralan are sold under warranty. The refurbished tablets of Sierralan all have a warranty of 1 year. This means that the repair or replacement of a product with similar characteristics or the refund of the amount will be covert by Sierralan.

Many users agree that it is better to buy a refurbished tablet that has received good reviews than a new tablet that has received bad reviews. Also, many customers would buy a refurbished tablet not only for the appealing price but also for the impact on the environment. By refurbishing tablets does Sierralan not only gives the tablet a longer life cycle but also does it reduce the amount of waste. This way can Sierralan as well as the customer enjoy a cleaner environment.

At Sierralan we have a large stock of reconditioned tablets, if you are a distributor and would like to receive our catalogue with all prices, please contact us.